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How to whiten yellow teeth naturally?

There are a variety of causes for yellow teeth , some that can be controlled and some that cannot. Understanding the reasons for why a smile may not be as bright as desired can help you take steps towards correcting the issues that are causing the problem and be able to whiten your yellow teeth naturally.

What causes yellow teeth?

One question that many people find themselves asking is “why are my teeth yellow?” And it’s no wonder, especially since we live in a fast-paced world that seems to demand perfection at every turn. It only takes flipping through the pages of a magazine, watching some television or going to mall to be bombarded by messages and advertisements about beauty. While trends come and go, one that has remained is the quest for a brighter, whiter smile.

Here is not just one single thing that causes yellow teeth; there are actually quite a few. Some have to do with behavioral choices, such as drinking coffee and soda, while others are environmental, such as having too much fluoride in your drinking water. When you learn about the different causes of yellow teeth, you can begin to arm yourself with the information necessary to make a change if you so desire.

Of all the yellow teeth causes, the primary one is what you eat or drink. Many people think that a tooth is a solid, smooth piece of material, but that isn’t the case at all. If you were to magnify a tooth, you would see that it actually resembles a piece of coral or a sponge. There are thousands of tiny holes and crevices, and it is in these areas that staining occurs. So, while a tooth does not “absorb” color the way a paper towel might, it will stain when you consistently drink dark-colored liquids. Coffee is one of the biggest, baddest offenders when it comes to staining due to its rich, brown color, but sodas are just as dangerous, but for an entirely different reason. Sodas have acid in them which wear down enamel. When enamel is gone, the next layer — called dentin, which is naturally yellow — is exposed. Enamel is not something that can be rebuilt, so it is important to do whatever possible to maintain all that you can.

Another reason you might have yellow teeth is that you simply don’t take proper care of them. Even if you drink soda and coffee, you can still have a somewhat white smile. However, if you wait too long between brushings and flossings — or don’t do it at all — bacteria and residue left on teeth can start to discolor them. In addition to contributing to a dull smile, not brushing can lead to cavities, gingivitis and other serious dental problems.

A leading cause of yellow teeth in children is the ingestion of certain medicines and trauma at a young age. Children who are given tetracycline, antihistamines and other medications, for example, may suffer from discoloring. A fall that damages a tooth and its enamel while it is developing can also cause a change in color. Even the incidence of too much fluoride in drinking water can have an undesirable impact on the color of a child’s teeth. Some of these changes  especially those caused by the intake of medicine can be difficult to reverse, if not impossible.

Lastly, it is possible for people to simply have naturally yellow teeth. Just as skin and hair color is determined by genetics, so it the color of teeth, to an extent. While humans may not be genetically predisposed to have a smile the same color as a banana, there are those who simply have a slightly brighter, whiter teeth than others.

Causes of yellow teeth infographic

Now that you understand what causes yellow teeth, you can learn more about treatments and behavioral changes that can make them whiter.

How to whiten yellow teeth naturally at home?

There aren’t too many people who can say, “My teeth are yellow, and I don’t care.” If they did, there wouldn’t be a multi-million dollar tooth whitening industry. There are a number of methods for bleaching teeth: some that are relatively inexpensive and some that are quite costly. The process which is right for you will depend on how dramatic a change you are seeking, your budget and your schedule.

The cheapest way to improve your pearly whites is to brush your teeth more often. If you are only brushing once a day, you should bump it up to two, and if you are already at two, you should make sure that you are brushing the right way and for the correct amount of time. You should ideally spend no less than two minutes brushing your teeth. It’s important to realize that brushing too harshly will not help whiten, but will damage gums.

One of the best natural teeth whitener: Coconut oil pulling

So I got this question a lot, especially in the last couple of months, because everyone’s been talking about, “What exactly is coconut oil pulling, “why should I be doing it?” You can really do coconut, or, sorry, you can really be doing oil pulling with any oil, coconut oil though has really become popular because it’s antimicrobial, meaning it gets rid of a lot of bugs, and bacteria in the mouth.

Literally I take a teaspoon, I swish it in my mouth first thing upon waking, for about five to seven minutes, and then I spit it out right away, then I go about my day, brush my teeth, and start my work day. What I recently found is this amazing product called Keeko Oil, they’re individually packaged, they are flavored with natural essential oils to help your mouth feel even fresher, and help with some therapeutic benefits of, keeping your gums healthy and your mouth clean. So I, individually have them packaged, I throw them in my purse, especially when I’m on the go, but I do start, I have started to notice my teeth getting whiter, and brighter, but most importantly my gums are healthy. So I tell a lot of my friends, you know, if you’re finding you have gingivitis, or you’re finding you have a lot of receding gums or poor gum health, bleeding gums when you floss, these are things that tell you your body is in an inflammatory state, your gum health is definitely suffering. So oil pulling is a very safe and effective way to get things going.

Using baking soda to brush with can help with discoloration. Baking soda is actually a mild abrasive, so it can easily remove plaque, as well as work to break up staining. You will not see immediate results when brushing with this powder, but you should start to notice a difference in about two weeks. A baking soda and water mixture should only be used once a week to prevent damage to enamel and bleeding gums.

What  do dentists say about the use of baking soda to whiten your teeth:

baking soda to whiten yellow teethBaking soda can whiten your yellow teeth naturally. It’s pretty easy. What would you want to do is first you want to get some baking soda, wet your toothbrush, dip your toothbrush into the baking soda and you want to brush your teeth with it for about two to three minutes, five minutes if you can. Then you would spit out the excess saliva and then make sure you always rinse your mouth out really good with really cold water afterwards to get off the excess baking soda cause you don’t want that to sit on your teeth for over long periods of time. Michelle, Dental Assistant with Dental Implant Solutionz.


Peroxide teeth whitening products

You can use peroxide for whitening yellow teeth naturally in different ways. As a simple mouthwash once you have brushed your teeth, or as a paste, by mixing it together with baking soda and brushing as with a regular toothpaste. Do not use more than twice a week, for it is a potent solution and if used too often can be corrosive.

Not only is it an excellent way to whiten your yellow teeth  naturally it is also cost effective. Peroxide white teeth can be had at very low prices, compared to professional treatments which are very expensive and give the same results. So no need for expensive dental treatments to obtain peroxide white teeth, use the product available on the market, which will guarantee fast and easy results.

If you buy the ready-to-use kits with hydrogen peroxide in them, you will just need to follow the instructions carefully to obtain effective and safe teeth whitening. If you do decide to use peroxide alone as a mouth rinse, you must be careful to dilute it accordingly and only purchase 3% peroxide. Use a small capful of the substance and rinse your mouth quickly with it, do not gargle or keep it in your mouth for too long. If you use it properly, you will soon have the white teeth you had always longed for and no unpleasant side effects. If you do not feel safe when rinsing your mouth with peroxide, you can apply it on your teeth with a swab, then rinse out abundantly.

After cleansing your teeth with peroxide, you will notice how clean your teeth feel, they will actually squeak! There is no better formula than peroxide to obtain a perfect and sparkling smile!


Tooth whitening kits that are found in drug stores and mass retailers can also be used to combat Tooth whitening kits yellow teeth . These kits can range in price from just a few dollars up to one hundred dollars. Most kits use the same active ingredient — a form of peroxide — though the rate and formula may differ from one brand to the next. One type of kit uses thin, plastic strips that are coated in a bleaching agent. These strips are applied to the teeth one to two times a day for about 30 minutes each with results noticeable within two weeks. The other kind of kit includes a gel that is applied to a mouth guard. These are typically used for about 15 minutes once a day, and their results can come as quickly as a week. It is important to note that “results” does not mean you will have a blinding white smile; it simply means that your teeth will appear at least somewhat whiter, even it if it only one or two shades.

Strawberries and Apples

Yes, you heard correctly. Strawberries and apples naturally whiten yellow teeth. All you have to do is eat strawberries or apples frequently to see a noticeably whiter smile. Not only do they whiten your teeth, but they are healthy for you too.


Lemons work a lot like baking soda. They wear away the enamel, but they are great at whitening your teeth. You could mix lemon juice and baking soda and put the paste onto your teeth and then just brush it off with cool water. If you follow that little tip, you should notice a whiter smile in no time. Do be very careful about how often you use this method. The lemon juice is extremely acidic and will completely wear away the enamel on your teeth. Though it will whiten your teeth, if it is used too often, it will cost you a lot of money towards dentist bills. You may end up needing a lot of work done on your teeth to get them healthy again.


The crunchy carrots, celery, cucumber and broccoli are like natural toothbrushes. They act on the stains on your teeth.

Lye or Wood ash

This helps in natural teeth whitening as it can bleach the teeth. It contains Potassium Hydroxide, which does wonders to the teeth. Brush your teeth with wood ash everyday for best results. The potassium in it could damage the teeth a bit, though and the taste of wood ash it terrible- so keep it in mind. So this remedy is good to get white teeth but not recommended for a long-term use.


dentist whitening yellow teethThe last kind of whitening treatment is the in-office procedure performed by trained professionals. Dentists typically use a paste or gel that is much stronger than what you can purchase for at-home use. The procedure can be completed in as little as a single, one-hour visit, though many practioners spread the treatment out over several weeks to prevent sensitivity and pain. Of all the treatment options, this one is the most expensive, and it is not usually covered by medical insurance as it is a cosmetic procedure. In addition to being costly, it is the only procedure of the bunch that will require you to visit a doctor’s office; all the others can be completed in the comfort of your own bathroom whenever you have the time.

Advantages of dentist teeth whitening systems

If your goal is to get whiter teeth, you probably won’t have any trouble finding a product that will help you accomplish your goal. You need only walk up and down the tooth care aisles at your local drugstore to find an assortment of whitening products like whitening strips, paint-on gels, trays, toothpastes, and more.

While these products are inexpensive and will yield visible results, teeth whitening systems from your dentist are more effective than anything you can purchase over the counter. In-office whitening systems have a number of advantages over off the shelf whitening systems, including:
 Whiter teeth. Products from the stores like whitening strips or toothpastes will only whiten teeth a shade or two, which won’t be enough for people who have deep stains, very discolored teeth, or those who want very white teeth. A dentist’s whitening system can lighten teeth up to 8 shades, which will result in a very noticeable difference.
 Faster whitening. Off the shelf products will take at least a week or two to notice results. A whitening system from your dentist can take as little as an hour to notice much whiter teeth that will also have significantly more noticeable results.
 Longer-lasting results. Off the shelf whitening products typically don’t last as long as dentist’s whitening systems. With a dentist, the whitening penetrates deeper into the tooth, rather than just on the surface, as a toothpaste or strip would typically do. Some whitening systems never discolor, so the white smile is permanent.

Types of dentist teeth whitening systems

There are two main types of teeth whitening systems dentists use to bleach or whiten teeth – bleaching trays and Laser whitening.

Bleaching trays typically involve 2 appointments. The dentist takes impressions of your teeth and mouth, and from there a lab creates custom trays designed to fit your mouth. On your next appointment, your dentist will give you your trays and a high-power bleaching gel. You fill the trays with gel and wear them in your mouth for a specified period of time for the next couple of weeks, and will typically see results after a couple of days.

With laser whitening, there is only one appointment. The dentist places a special tool in your mouth that keeps your lips from touching your teeth. Then, he or she will paint a whitening gel onto your teeth and shine a laser onto your teeth. The light reacts with the bleach, whitening the teeth dramatically. The entire process takes about an hour.

There are other options for whitening teeth that the dentist can provide, such as porcelain veneers. These are much more costly than bleaching and laser whitening and involve bonding a thin sheet of porcelain to the teeth, changing the color and appearance of your teeth permanently. Porcelain veneers never change color or stain, either.
If you’re looking for a dramatic whitening system for a brighter smile, a dentist can provide you with a number of systems that can help you get longer-lasting, more noticeable results.

There are several reasons for one might suffer from yellow teeth, ranging from unhealthy eating, drinking and cleaning habits to strictly genetics, but there are also a number of at-home whitening processes that can be attempted to whiten yellow teeth naturally before it is time to call a dentist for a professional procedure.



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